Senior Living at MDHA Communities

More than 960 senior residents call MDHA properties home, including 26 people over age 90 and two over age 100. Three properties, Edgefield Manor, Carleen Batson Waller Manner, and Gernert Studio Apartments are designated as seniors-only and are home to vibrant communities of active resident associations who plan weekly gatherings and monthly outings like fashion shows, bingo and movie night. All high-rise facilities also offer monthly activities such as exercise classes, special education seminars, movies, birthday and holiday celebrations.

All utilities are included with the price of rent, which is based on income. That can be a major convenience for seniors living on a limited income. Most buildings feature fitness rooms and all have laundry facilities and modern appliances.

In recent years, MDHA has strengthened its focus on its senior and disabled residents. Major renovations at Gernert Studio Apartments, Edgefield Manor and Parthenon Towers are complete with upgrades underway at Hadley Park Towers and Vine Hill Towers. Improvements to the high-rise facilities include the addition of energy-efficient central heating and cooling systems; improved floor-space utilization; new kitchen appliances; and major energy upgrades.

MDHA provides Social Service Coordinators at all high-rise apartments which help link residents to community service providers that assist with aging in place. Social Service Coordinators also help residents acquire needed benefits, complete forms or paper work as needed, look for risk factors to determine living independently, establish a referral process, monitor on-going services and serve as an advocate for the resident.

In addition, security personnel are in place at all high-rise properties and most are equipped with state-of-the-art security camera systems.

Each year MDHA honors a very distinct group of seniors – The 90+ Club. The 90+ Club is an exclusive group consisting of 26 public housing residents who are ages 90 and above, including two people over age 100.

Seniors are an important part of the MDHA community and the agency is pleased to be home to such a great group of valued residents.

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